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Italian Trade Commission

Italian Trade Commission

Italian Trade Commission

Client: Italian Trade Commission

Development of a database-driven information and promotion site for the Italian Trade Commission.

Site provides detailed demographic, economic, and industry specific information about the 50 US states (in Italian).
Site serves as an invaluable resource for Italian companies seeking to do business in the U.S. or learn more about prospective U.S. markets and partners.

The Italian Trade Commission retained Webb Communications to develop an extensive database-driven website containing hundreds of pages of text and graphic information (in Italian). The site is extremely easy to navigate. Starting from an interactive (Flash-based) map page, users can select any U.S. state to access detailed information about the state's demographics, economic incentives, major industries, and other relevant statistics. Easy-to-read charts make it easy for visitors to see what industries are the most important in any state. All of the charts (bar charts and pie charts) are generated dynamically from information in the database.

Overall, the site is very easy for the Italian Trade Commission to keep up to date, because the vast majority of pages on the site can be updated by modifying a single database.

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