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Juvent Inc.

Juvent Inc.

Juvent Inc.

Clients: Juvent Inc.

Juvent is a medical device company focused on the development and marketing of devices for treatment of osteopenia, osteoporosis, and various vascular conditions.

Overview: Juvent, Inc. was founded by industry veterans who have decades of experience in the development and marketing of therapeutic medical technologies, including acoustic and electrical stimulation technologies for fracture healing. The company's patented technology has been clinically proven as a non-invasive therapy for treating Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

Juvent engaged Webb to develop the Juvent brand identity via multi-country online marketing portals. In this case, approval for the device in other countries in advance of the U.S. means that marketing to a global audience precedes domestic marketing. The company was also retained to develop a multi-country / multi-language online promotional plan, to increase awareness about the technology to patients, medical professionals, and prospective investors. In this case, the brand was rapidly developed from the point where only limited product information was available to the point of having an effective multi-country plan and multi-country marketing portals, within just a few months.

Results To Date: Phase I marketing/information portals have been implemented for Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Australia/New Zealand. These portals serve as a means of introducing the Juvent brand and the company's unique technology to a worldwide audience. In this case, the online brand development preceded the development of an offline branding and advertising campaign, enabling feedback and adjustment of brand strategy based on focus groups. This helped to ensure the effectiveness of the company's message, in advance of major investments in printed marketing materials. Feedback on these portals from consumers and medical professionals has been very positive, reinforcing our success in helping Juvent ensure that its branding is accessible to consumers and care givers, while medical professionals are comfortable with the research and science behind the technology. Ongoing work includes the completion of separate Patient / Medical Professional Portals, E-commerce functions, "user community" portal, translation/localization of the sites for the following target countries/regions: Italy, France, Spain, Holland, to be followed by Israel, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, and select countries in South America.

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