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Clients: Peroni USA Barton Beers

We now have a sales incentive web site that reinforces the Peroni USA brand image, provides incentives and motivates our USA sales force.

Antonio Corsano
Marketing Director
Birra Peroni USA
New York, NY

Online system for incentive prize display, purchase and order tracking.

  • Sales incentive site provides an effective way to motivate and reward top salespeople.
  • High-quality incentive gifts can be ordered easily and securely from the extranet site.
  • Site differentiates Peroni from competitors and reinforces Peroni brand ID.
  • Site provides a cost-effective means of tracking and fulfilling incentive gift orders.

Webb Communications worked with Birra Peroni USA and Barton Beers, Ltd., to design and build a national sales incentive website. The goal of the site was to motivate and reward U.S. beer distributors and internal staff members who exceeded sales targets. Although Peroni is the #1 selling Italian beer in the U.S., a challenge faced by Birra Peroni was how to motivate its outside sales force of distributors across the U.S. who wholesale many different beer brands. The sales incentive website provides an effective means of motivating and rewarding valued distributors, while differentiating Peroni from its competitors.

Unlike most sales incentive sites, the Peroni extranet is branded to match Birra Peroni's corporate ID. Thus, when members of the outside sales force login to the site to preview or order incentive gifts, the site continually reinforces the quality and image of Birra Peroni. Central to the site's appeal is the use of "Peroni Dollars" for incentive gift purchases on-line. Each award- winning distributor is provided with multiple gifts certificates having values of $100 Peroni Dollars or more. Managers at the distributors can give out the certificates to their internal salespeople. Each certificate has a unique login code that enables the recipient to register to "shop" for rewards on the site. Once registered, the user is greeted with a customized message, including their name and how many "Peroni Dollars" they have available to spend. They can then shop for and order high-end gifts and can return to the site until their reward dollars are depleted. Secure credit card processing enables users to purchase more Peroni Dollars to order gifts costing more than their available reward dollars. A reporting system allows Peroni to track all order activities by region, company and individual user.

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