Webb E-Video

Through the use of high-quality streaming video served from a lightning fast content delivery network (CDN), Webb can deliver a very powerful online video experience for your site visitors. We can quickly and efficiently implement fully branded back-end systems, easing the upload/conversion, scheduling and regular change out of video content. We simplify the presentation of video content on your site, greatly improving video quality that can be presented compared to external solutions such as "YouTube" or other hosting services which can actually drive traffic away from your site. Our cost-effective solutions for presenting videos online are a great way to leverage existing video content (online or for trade demonstrations) or to convey excitement about products, services or events.


This powerful new incentive gift / E-commerce platform enables companies to reward employees, sales reps, contractors, and customers via a custom-branded on-line rewards catalog. Providing incentives is a proven way to boost sales, customer loyalty, and employee productivity. Now your organization can implement a high-end incentive fulfillment and tracking program at a very low cost.


This extremely useful and affordable Intranet option helps Human Resource (HR) managers to efficiently communicate with employees about company policies and benefits, including any important changes and updates. It also provides a secure, central repository for storing and tracking vital employee data such as emergency contact info, addresses, phone numbers, vacation and sick days, and more.


Today's fast-paced business environment requires that companies are able to update website (and intranet) content quickly and easily. Webb Communications can implement content-management options that match the needs and budget of any client. Our solutions range from entry-level options serving customers where one or two people update select site sections, to full-featured corporate solutions that enable many team members to manage their site areas, with select users acting as administrators.


With the right web strategy, any organization can reach out to new markets worldwide. Webb Communications has developed an integrated approach to helping customers grow their businesses internationally through the creation of effective multi-lingual sites and on-line marketing solutions. We can also help create and implement a "localization" strategy to accelerate your business success in Europe, Central and South America, and beyond.

E-Commerce Mgr.

Webb Communications' E-Commerce solutions and capabilities help companies to do business on-line securely, reliably, and quickly. Whether you are seeking a high-end on-line store, a web-based product catalog, or a custom solution, Webb's E-commerce applications and experience will ensure that your solution will be easy to use, efficient, stable and scalable.


Web-based marketing is now a proven, cost-effective option for promoting and growing any business or organization. However, there are so many potential on-line media options to choose from that it has become increasingly complex to decide upon the best course of action. For more than six years, Webb Communications has been planning and implementing web-based marketing campaigns for clients in the U.S. and Europe. As a result, we know the on-line media landscape as well as any company. We have mastered the art and science of quickly analyzing and implementing optimized, high-impact, on-line marketing solutions for our customers.

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