Content Manager


Managing and updating website content should be easy. However, every customer has unique content management needs. For this reason, Webb Communications can integrate three separate hosted approaches for different types of customers (see below). In addition to these three options, Webb Communications can provide a detailed analysis of any organization's content management needs to recommend (and implement ) the best solution to match those needs.

Easy Site Manager

The perfect approach for small-to-medium size businesses and organizations where content within specific site sections must be updated quickly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This solution is perfect for companies and organizations who are seeking an economic solution that enables them to do basic site udpates only. This first-level solution can be implemented as a client-side or server-side option.

E-Site Administrator

A more advanced option for sites requiring a more flexible and full-featured content management solution. Among the many advanced features included in this mid-range option are: (1) Support for multiple users who have rights to edit separate site sections; (2) User (and group) administration; (3)Administrator-controlled approval of section updates (optional); (4) E-mail notification of site updates; (5) Scheduling of content section updates; (6) File locking (to prevent unwanted changes to site sections); (7) Ability to administer multiple URLs; (8) Image editing; and (9) Spell checking.

E-Site Publisher

This solution is ideal for publishers of magazines, journals, mid-sized newspapers, or any organization wishing to release an on-line publication having a full range of advanced features. This solution has all the features of "site administrator" and more, including: (1) E-commerce (optional); (2) advanced site search; (3) banner and classified advertising (and tracking of ad stats); (4) workflow for archiving of past articles; (5) on-line surveys; (6) user forums; and (7) paid (or unpaid) subscriber-only site sections.

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