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Italy America Chamber of Commerce

Content management system eases site update for largest Italy - U.S. business organization in North America.

  • Content management system enables staff to update site content with minimal training.
  • Database update system eases promotion of sustaining members and partners throughout Italy and the U.S.
  • System enables in-house staff to handle site updates, saving time and money.

Italy America Chamber of Commerce

The Italy America Chamber of Commerce (IACC) is the premier business organization serving Italian companies operating in the U.S. and American companies doing business in the Italian market. The IACC provides a broad range of services for its members, including organizing business presentations, arranging trade delegations, and connecting Italian and U.S. businesses via its extensive networking efforts.

The organization also runs a J-1 Visa program, placing qualified Italian students and young professionals with U.S. companies for seasonal internships. The organization's member base includes major orporations, as well as small and medium size usinesses. Thus, it was important that the IACC's new website einforced a high-end brand identity for the organization. The IACC's new site, developed and hosted by Webb Communications, enables the organization to easily keep its members up to date about upcoming events and nitiatives and also provides an efficient vehicle for reporting on the organization's success stories.

Overall, the site enables the IACC to more closely communicate news and information to its member base on a regular basis at a very low cost. Webb Communications inte-grated a web-based content management system into the website so that the organization's staff members can login to do site updates. Only minimal training is required to use the site update system, which enables the staff to easily add, delete, and edit web page content.

The site also provides the IACC with a new way to promote its important, sustaining members who provide significant funding and support. All the sustaining member company names and website addresses are stored in a database and are rotated into a prominent "featured member" area of the site.

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