Ecommerce Manager


A well-designed E-commerce site makes it easy for your customers to do business with you 24-hours per day, seven days per week. Consumer and business acceptance of online commerce is contnuing to grow rapidly worldwide. According to a recent report by Forrester Research, global e-commerce transactions are projected to reach $6.8 trillion in 2004 (compared to just $3.9 trillion in 2003, and $2.2 trillion in 2002). Thus, there is no time like the present to ramp up your company's E-commerce initiatives.

Webb Communications can help your organization accelerate its on-line business by implementing all of the following solutions for B-to-C or B-to-C websites:

  • On-line consulting and e-commerce strategies to identify the best approach for your company.
  • Highly scalable, reliable and secure software and hardware solutions.
  • Secure payment gateway to analyze / approve real-time credit card payments.
  • SSL encryption & data security for protection of sensitive customer information.
  • On-line incentive / reward programs.
  • Sales extranets (password-protected resources for sales reps, distributors, resellers).
  • On-line advertising / tracking systems.
  • On-line subscriptions, memberships & donations.
  • On-line gift certificates and coupons.
  • Highly intuitive on-line shopping cart systems that make it easy for customers to browse through your site and add/remove items from their virtual cart.
  • Database-driven product catalogs which can be updated in minutes to reflect hundreds of price and product changes.
  • Back-end reporting of customer orders and order status.
  • Customized business-to-business systems (to enable custom pricing or discounts to large customers).
  • Reseller programs and microsites.
  • Effective on-line promotion campaigns to quickly and cost effectively reach your target markets.
  • E-commerce load testing.
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