Bright Rewards


  • Sales or performance incentive sites to motivate and reward top performers.
  • High-quality incentive gifts can be ordered easily and securely from the extranet site.
  • Site differentiates your organization from competitors reinforces brand ID.
  • Site provides a cost-effective means of tracking and fulfilling incentive gift orders.

Companies and organizations have been using incentive gifts to reward customers, employees, and channel sales reps for decades. The benefits and proven ROI of well-designed incentive gift programs are well documented. Low-cost incentive rewards can be particularly attractive when budget constraints are limiting funds available for bonuses or other monetary enticements. A high-quality on-line gift program can definitely help to motivate employees, outside sales forces, and new customers, while easing communications and management tasks associated with running a rewards program.

Whether your goal is to attract new customers, drive sales, or reward employees, Bright Rewards™ is the on-line service you are looking for. Webb Communications created Bright Rewards™ to enable organizations to quickly and economically launch high-quality, web-based incentive programs. This highly scalable, secure and customizable e-Commerce platform makes it possible for companies to brand an entire on-line gift program to their corporate identity.

Bright Rewards™ is the only on-line incentive program that makes it easy for companies to add their own merchandise into a gift catalog and also post custom information related to other rewards, such as incentive vacations. Just as important, our e-catalog features more than 100 high-end incentive gifts that are among the most unique and attractive in the industry.

The most important benefit of Bright Rewards™ is that it helps organizations to effectively motivate people by making participants in the program feel valued and inspired to achieve. A Bright Rewards™ site helps companies do this by clearly communicating program goals and rewards and enabling participants to easily preview and access an on-line catalog of high quality award gifts. The other major benefit of this program is that it makes it easy for virtually any size organization to quickly launch and manage an incentive gift campaign that will continually reinforce their specific goals and brand identity.

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