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Web-based marketing is now a proven, cost-effective option for promoting and growing any business or organization. However, there are so many potential on-line media options to choose from that it has become increasingly complex to decide upon the best course of action. For more than six years, Webb Communications has been planning, implementing, and optimizing web-based advertising campaigns for clients in the U.S. and Europe. As a result, we know the on-line media landscape as well as any company.

We have mastered the art and science of quickly analyzing and implementing optimized, high-impact on-line marketing solutions. Our team can rapidly plan and implement online advertising campaigns. Our services extend to all areas of web advertising from R&D, concept and content development, to final execution, tracking of results and monitoring multiple web campaigns. Put simply, we create on-line advertising campaigns that gets results.

Webb can quickly implement a broad range of on-line marketing solutions, based on any client's budget and goals. Our on-line promotion capabilities include:

Strategy & Planning

  • Market analysis
  • Creating on-line media plans for maximum ROI
  • Secure payment gateway to analyze / approve real-time credit card payments.
  • E-mail list research
  • International promotion

Creative Services

  • On-line ad conception
  • Banner (and Flash) ad design
  • Rich media ads

Campaign Execution

  • Paid & unpaid search engine optimization
  • Banner advertising across portals and industry sites
  • Personalized HTML E-newsletters & ads
  • In-house list management
  • On-line marketing incentive programs (and coupons)
  • On-line sweepstakes & give-aways
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Microsites
  • Cooperative campaigns

Campaign Tracking

  • Real-time reporting on various components of campaign
  • Campaign results summary reports
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