Webb Communications exceeded our expectations. Webb met the challenge & delivered a high-concept, high-quality solution on time and on budget. Webb has been a key contributor to the success of the Italian American Network...

Mark Kozaki
Sr. Vice President, Italian American Network, and former Sr. Vice President, Discovery Communications, Inc.

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Worldclass online Video Solutions for: Broadcasters, agencies, production companies, corporations and anyone seeking to present and manage video content online. Webb's solutions are fully brandable, easy to use and highly scalable.

If you need a superior solution for presenting and managing video content online, Webb Communications can deliver a powerful and highly scalable platform that will meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Visitors will be impressed by the quality of your streaming video content. You will be impressed at the low cost for a fully branded solution. The use of a lightning-fast, worldwide content delivery network (CDN), combined with real-time user bandwidth detection allows you to serve the right video stream for specific end users.

We simplify the entire process of managing and presenting video content online. In addition to enabling the presentation of superior online video quality, Webb's E-video solutions allow for "custom branding" to reinforce your brand identity and the ability to position video ads.

Our cost-effective solutions are a great way to leverage existing video content or to convey excitement about products, services or events.

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