Global Drive


Many companies would like to reach out beyond their country's borders to increase their revenues and grow their customer base worldwide. However, most organizations don't have the means or personnel necessary to maintain multiple versions of their site in different languages, particularly if their site has advanced features, such as E-commerce functionality. In addition, just having a multi-lingual site is not enough to guarantee that your site will ever be seen or appreciated by the International audiences you are targeting.

Webb Communications has a proven track record of helping European organizations effectively market to U.S. customers. We also specialize in helping American companies successfully reach out to Europe, South and Central America and beyond. Our multi-lingual staff and European partners make us the agency of choice for "localizing" your website to other countries.

A great starting point for driving your business globally is the creation of multi-language "mini-sites" which focus on your organization's most appealing products and/or services. A mini-site can provide a great way to "test market" in a new target country, without a investing in re producing your entire site. A mini-site can also help to attract local partners who can help to directly market your product or service in the target country. Once a mini-site helps to prove the potential in a new market, a more significant investment can be made to more effectively localize your web presence in the target country.

Webb's integrated approach to localizing company's to other markets includes:

Site translation & update

Different countries and different areas within a given country will have different dialects of the same language . Webb Communications experienced professionals will make sure that your website's translation will be as grammatically appropriate as possible to appeal to the broadest possible market within the target countries.

Site promotion

Every country has its own best options for on-line promotion. What works in the U.S. may not be the best approach for Italy, Spain, Germany, France, or Denmark. Webb Communications has broad experience with promoting websites to other countries and can maximize the return on your company's on-line marketing investment.

Advanced localization

Seeking a representative or a satellite office on the ground in another country? Webb Communications' international, multi-lingual staff (combined with our European representatives) can help you find the best partner for your company anywhere in the world.

Domain reservation and management

Having a domain with the appropriate "country extension" can be helpful when marketing to other countries. Webb Communications knows the "ins and outs" of reserving and protecting International domains. In addition, we can research and suggest appropriate domain name options if your organization's normal name is not available for registration in the target market. Webb can also help customers to anonymously bid for and purchase domains from sellers in other countries . We have successfully negotiated fair selling prices for domains for multiple clients.

Market analysis (optional)

In some cases, it may be prudent to only market to select countries because of specific local competition or other market barriers. Webb Communications can help identify the best international targets for your product or service. We can also help to identify specific market barriers which must be overcome.

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