HR Intranet


Webb Communications created the "HR Intranet" as an affordable, web-based Intranet option for Human Resource (HR) managers and business owners who are seeking a better way to organize, store, and communicate information related to employee benefits and personnel management. This system also provides a very useful two-way communications resource, which can make it easier for employees to learn about benefits updates and company news, improve staff morale, and provide more open dialgoue between HR mangers and staff members.

Features & Benefits

  • Low-cost, flexible solution for companies with fewer than 150 employees.
  • Improves communications with employees.
  • Provides employee on-line access to benefits info, company policies, forms, and HR "FAQs."
  • Reduces time spent by managers answering the same questions for different employees.
  • Eliminates the need for distribution of many paper-based company policies and benefits documents.
  • Eases communication of changes to benefits plans or employee manual.
  • Improves tracking and documentation of employee confirmation to changes in company policies.
  • Eases the tracking of vacation days, sick days, personal days, and leave.
  • Enables HR managers and owners to access employee information and contact data from anywhere, anytime, via the web.
  • Company News feature provides a great way to recognize employee achievements and boost morale.
  • Available as a hosted solution or as a secure, network-attached server.
  • Can be an important component in your company's disaster-recovery plan.
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