HR Intranet

Higger & Associates, LLC Chooses

Webb Communications For Its Personnel Intranet.

  • Improves communications with employees.
  • Provides employees on-line access to benefits info and company policies.
  • Reduces time spent by managers answering the same questions for different employees.
  • Eliminates the need for distribution of many paper-based company policies and benefits documents.
  • Eases communication of changes to benefits plans or employee manual.
  • Improves tracking and documentation of employee confirmation to changes in company policies.

Higger & Associates, LLC is a leading insurance brokerage and benefits consulting firm based in New York City. The company sells a broad range of insurance services and provides expert guidance to its clients in related areas. With more than 4000 clients, including businesses, families, and individuals, Higger & Associates (H&A) is reported to be one of the fastest growing agencies in Manhattan.

Higger & Associates

The Challenge:

As the company's staff grew, so did its personnel management tasks, including providing all employee's with continual updates on changes to benefits information and company policies. The solution provided by Webb Communications enables Higger & Associates' personnel manager and owners to easily inform the entire staff about changes to company policies, upcoming holidays, special events, and other company activities. It serves as a means of both providing employees with information, but also ensuring that employees have read, understood, and confirmed specific changes to benefits information or company policies.

According to Higger Associates, LLC's President David Higger, the new intranet system has proven to be easy to use and a valuable resource which supports the company's disaster recovery plan (because the HR intranet enables company managers to remotely access emergency contact information and other critical data).

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