HR Intranet

How it works

HR Intranet is a flexible web-based system which help HR managers and business owners do many different tasks. Once activated (as a hosted solution) or installed (for on-site solutions), useful benefits-related and employee information can immediately and easily be "posted" onto the system. A "content-management" tool enables the HR manager to easily create and edit select information pages included on the Intranet.

When a new employee is hired, their vital information (such as start date, address, home phone, emergency contact information, and other data) is entered into the system and can then be securely accessed from anywhere via a password-protected, web-based interface.

After an employee starts working, they are assigned a username and password to access the HR Intranet. They can then login to the Intranet via a web browser to access information such as:

  • Employee Manual / Company Policies
  • Health Care Insurance Provider Information
  • Other Benefits Information
  • Most-requested benefits forms (in PDF format).
  • Their available vacation days and personal days.
  • Company news and announcements.

The HR managers (or company owners) can access all information in the system about all employees via a secure, password-protected interface. Employees can only access their own data.

When a change is made to the company's employee, benefits summary, or other HR documents, these documents can be easily posted to the Intranet. A tracking tool enables the HR manager to send an immediate E-mail to all staff members announcing the update. Depending on the configuration, the system can be required to request that every employee confirms that they have read the changes to the relevant HR document and that they undertand the change.

HR Intranet can be configured as a hosted (off-site) solution or it can be installed as a stand-alone server attached your office network. While it is designed for companies, with fewer than 150 employees, Webb Communications can provide a customized solution for larger companies.

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