Marketing Solutions

Online Media Planning

Utilizing proven online marketing strategies to promote our clients, we develop campaigns that deliver measurable results. Through repeated exposure to targeted audiences, we increase market awareness that creates long-term customer relationships and motivates acceptance for our clients' products and/or services.

Social Media Marketing

We begin your social media experience by defining your target audience and where they live online. We place your message on pages like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious or YouTube. Connect directly with your customer with our customized and cutting-edge social media strategy. Utilize the power of the masses to increase you cost-efficiency while reaching a larger audience.

Email Marketing

We offer our clients email marketing services including Opt-in list rental, mailings and email list management. Our services help our clients keep in constant touch with their client base and maintain receptiveness to relevant email marketing initiatives.

Email Newsletter

One way we promote our clients is by developing email newsletters that act as a brand-building tools. Whether a client requires a newsletter as part of an e-commerce plan to drive customers back to their site, or as a mechanism to enhance their company's corporate image, we create compelling newsletters that serve our clients' business goals.

International Market Solutions

We evaluate clients' branding, product names, and marketing strategies to devise appropriate creative concepts and tactics to expand into new geographic markets. We provide research strategy that gives clients the information they need to ensure the success of their marketing campaigns worldwide.


Developing high-quality copy for a website is an overlooked part of many projects. Easy-to-read and exciting site text is a necessity to hold the attention of any prospective customer or partner. Webb Communications can help. Website copywriting is a specialized area of expertise that is much different than creating text for printed materials such as company brochures. Our seasoned copywriters have been helping clients by creating vibrant and engaging website copy for more than a decade.

  • Impeccable grammar and style are a must;
  • The key ideas on any page should be built into the first three sentences on the page;
  • If possible, graphic or bold text should be included to reinforce key ideas;
  • Main site pages should be concise, less than 1-2 printed pages. However, more detailed supporting information should be available where necessary; and
  • Appropriate page titles, keywords and meta tag descriptions should be included on all pages to ensure proper positioning in search engines.
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