Website / Database Hosting

We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-speed, high-availability hosting solutions at affordable prices. We offer unsurpassed technical support and personalized service. Webb's hosting support team is led by experts having more than 16 years of combined hosting experience. We employ state-of-the-art server technologies located in highly secure facilities to achieve near-zero downtime. Whether you are seeking a hosting solution for a basic online brochure or hosting for a database-driven E-commerce site, we can configure an option to match your needs. For websites, we offer full-featured options for Windows and Linux hosting. We are experienced configuring web-based databases for MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. The bottom line: Webb is dedicated to providing customers with "near-zero" downtime, unparalleled support, and the capability to grow their business (or organization) on the web.

Dedicated Servers

Many organizations require dedicated hosting solutions. Webb Communications offers a unique combination of outstanding service and value in this area. Whether you require a basic dedicated server for use in your office, or multiple clustered servers that will be hosted offsite, we can help with planning, configuration, or a fully managed solution. With more than 16 years of combined server configuration and management experience, you can depend on Webb Communications dedicated server team leaders to combine rock solid hardware and software with the best support in the industry. We can help you can achieve your dedicated server goals with unbeatable value. What's more, we can offer unparalleled reliability, security, and backup plans.

Database Servers

Databases are at the center of many mission-critical applications today. Webb Communications can help your organization with its database server needs by: (1) Properly selecting and configuring your dedicated server hardware, software, and auxiliaries; (2) Carefully maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading servers; (3) Providing independent security audits and implement security solutions; and (4) Planning and implementing strategies for on-site or off-site backups and disaster recovery. Our consultants have expertise with MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL servers. We can also help in the setup of specialized database query and reporting tools. Import/export mapping services are also available. Count on Webb Communications to ensure that your database server is fast, secure, and reliable at all times.

E-mail Servers

Webb Communications can help your organization with a dedicated E-mail solution to match your exact needs. We can implement Microsoft Exchange servers and Linux-based solutions. Looking for a total solution? Webb can quickly configure a dedicated email server software that runs on Windows 2000/NT/9x and supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP/LDAP Internet protocols. We can implement very advanced solutions that include all of the features required by even the most sophisticated customers and users such as multi-domain support, groupware features like Calendaring, Shared Address Books and Shared Folders, top security features and more. Security and spam/virus protection being the most important issues for users today, Webb can integrate servers offering complete TLS/SSL protection, powerful antivirus support, anti-spam and content filtering.

Network Services/Hardware

In addition to providing professional configuration, installation, and support for dedicated website, e-mail, and database servers, Webb Communications provides a broad range of network, hardware, and business system integration services. From LAN design, installation, and upgrade, to complete outsourced support for all of your organization's Information Technology (IT) needs, our consultants can provide the expert service you need for this critical area of your business. Today, more than ever, correctly setting up, supporting, and protecting your IT investment is a necessity for any successful venture.


Today, protecting digital assets is often as important as protecting physical assets. No successful organization would run their offices without locks, security guards, fire protection, emergency exits, and an alarm system. However, that's the way many businesses are running their IT infrastructure. Today, the potential for hackers, ex-employees or other unwanted intruders to wreak havoc on systems and valuable data is a real threat. In some cases, a breach of your network or web-based system can have economic consequences worse than any fire or burglary. Webb Communications can assist with a range of services that help ensure your systems are secure, including: Security audits and consulting, proper setup of LAN permissions, firewall configuration, virus protection, data encryption, and security planning.

Business System Integration

Virtually an organization can greatly enhance the productivity and profitability of its operations by implementing business management systems, groupware, and other types of productivity software. Whether you are hoping to coordinate and track projects or accounts more efficiently, seeking to create a "virtual office," or are searching for a better way handle any business process or challenge, Webb Communications can help. We provide expert guidance on choosing and implementing the right solution to meet your company's specific needs. From analysis and research, through training of staff in the use of the new system. No challenge is too complex for our expert consultants.

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