Web Solutions

Website Design

We work with our clients to determine their business goals and strategy. Our assigned project teams then develop high end, aesthetically pleasing websites that improve customer retention and increase return on investment. By understanding our clients' needs, we are able establish a web presence that builds and reinforces brand and educates customers.

Multimedia/Flash/Streaming Video

The lines between television, radio, gaming and the internet are blurring more each day. We offer clients efficient and innovative solutions for integrating video, music and other multimedia content directly into websites, presentations and microsites. By combining creative media with highly scalable programming, hosting and delivery solutions, such enhancements can greatly increase the "stickiness" and overall impact of websites, while maximizing brand reinforcement and online sales.

Creative Design

Our highly skilled designers create successful digital designs for businesses and organizations in the U.S. and internationally. With a focus on core design elements, our design team works closely with our programmers and usability experts to yield designs that have visual impact, but also achieve project goals. Whether the goal is to build sales, retain customers or find new partners, our designers never lose site of the objective.


We offer powerful, flexible and secure e-commerce solutions. Whether your interest is B-to-C or B-to-B, our E-commerce options can help you maximize sales from your site. Becase our solutions are built on modular components, we can easily scale up your site to handle higher traffic or quickly and inexpensively add or modify applications.


Our programming team has created custom solutions for companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to small businesses in the United States and internationally. Whether a client is looking for a solution built from the ground up, or only needs to enhance an existing application, our programmers can fulfill all clients' requirements on time and to specification.

Online Business Strategy

Many successful companies rush online without taking the time to develop a clear online business strategy. For example, what are the quantifiable goals for your website? Having a clear plan is often just as important for the online portion of your business as it is offline. An online strategy can be as simple as a two-page statement of how you are going to do business online and why the plan is going to work. However, more often it is worthwhile to first do a thorough analysis of the competitive marketplace to make sure that your online strategy will put you ahead of the competion and protect you from being blind-sided by emerging market forces or technologies. Webb Communications can provide expert analysis and a concise report of what your competition is doing and what trends are occurring in the online marketplace in your industry. From there, we can help you formulate an online business strategy and marketing plan that will position your organization's web business ahead of your competition.

Database Integration

Our experienced team plans, designs, and implements a wide range of database systems for our clients. Whether requirements call for an internal mission-critical solution or a web-based customer tracking system, we are able to work with virtually any database, on any platform.

Online Marketing

We have demonstrated expertise in building and promoting our clients' online presence through the development of targeted web-based marketing campaigns that drive revenue. Our team provides in-depth consultation, strategic planning and research. We have helped many companies to meet and exceed their goals in this way.

Content Management Systems

Our programmers can implement content management systems that give clients the ability to fully manage the content of their websites. Our CMS solutions allow a wide range of client control, from portions of the website that change frequently to full administration of virtually every aspect of a site's content.

International Solutions

Our complete solutions help our clients maximize their global opportunities. We support their international strategies by providing a full suite of globalization services including internationalization, localization, translation and multi-lingual presentations.

Intranet Design

We create Intranet applications that help your employees and customers interact and do business within your company. All aspects of our Intranets can be customized to match each clients' specific needs. Our development team crafts custom solutions that cater to each client's unique business and communications goals.

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